Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman

Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Poet

Dinneen’s understanding of human anatomy, extensive teaching experience, and kindhearted nature make her an excellent teacher. She offers therapeutic movement, self-massage techniques, and strengthening exercises to her students to restore their balance, ease, and wellbeing. While working one-on-one with Dinneen, I learned the potential causes of my back problem and began a movement and nutrition routine that eventually led to diminished pain and a return to my teaching and yoga practice. Dinneen’s guidance helped me deepen my knowledge of my body and gave me therapeutic tools that I now share with my students.


Leorna Leung

Fashion Designer/Yoga Teacher

I highly recommend the RPB4 YOGA course to yoga teachers or yogis who want to know more about the relationship of asana and back pain. In this course we learned more about how people with chronic low back pain can perform asana safely; we learned yoga adaptations for popular poses; ways to avoid future back pain and ways to soothe a sensitive back. I feel more confident to teach my private clients or open class with students who already have back problems. This course helps bring awareness to spine health even outside the mat. For example: Who knew there are 31 millions Americans suffer from back pain?! As a teacher it is necessary to know how to help students to avoid repetitive stress injuries. I particularly loved the self-assessment exercises Dinneen taught us! A BIG THANK YOU...


Kishore Pasumarty

Investor & Professor

I have known Dinneen for over two years, and meet her every week for classes, and have attended a workshop. She is a star instructor and a superb human being. I have had many instructors, all of them good, but Dinneen is my favorite!

RBP testimonial photo_Michelle.JPG

Michelle Duvall

C.P.T. & Author of “Barre Variations”

The Retrain Back Pain® workshop gives a guide how to take ownership of your body and what may ail you. The exercises and self care taught by Dinneen is empowering.

RBP testimonial photo_Hiram.jpeg

Hiram Lorenzen

Senior Director of Merchandise Planning ABC Carpet & Home

Dinneen is one of the most gifted teachers you’ll ever work with! She renders each session with creativity: I have been working with her for five years and no two sessions have been the same.


Elizabeth Entin

Founder/CEO of Runway Passport

My first meeting with her was amazing. A few weeks before our first meeting, there was a major flare-up of my compressed disk (lower back). As prescribed by the physician, I was strengthening my core, but there was a nagging pain in my lower right back hip, in addition to the pain in my lower back.