Kishore Pasumarty

Investor & Professor

I have known Dinneen for over two years, and meet her every week for classes, and have attended a workshop. She is a star instructor and a superb human being. I have had many instructors, all of them good, but Dinneen is my favorite!

RBP testimonial photo_Michelle.JPG

Michelle Duvall

C.P.T. & Author of “Barre Variations”

The Retrain Back Pain® workshop gives a guide how to take ownership of your body and what may ail you. The exercises and self care taught by Dinneen is empowering.

RBP testimonial photo_Hiram.jpeg

Hiram Lorenzen

Senior Director of Merchandise Planning ABC Carpet & Home

Dinneen is one of the most gifted teachers you’ll ever work with! She renders each session with creativity: I have been working with her for five years and no two sessions have been the same.


Elizabeth Entin

Founder/CEO of Runway Passport

My first meeting with her was amazing. A few weeks before our first meeting, there was a major flare-up of my compressed disk (lower back). As prescribed by the physician, I was strengthening my core, but there was a nagging pain in my lower right back hip, in addition to the pain in my lower back.