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In this interview with Jake Sasseville, CEO of the Imiloa Institute, we discuss what makes Retrain Back Pain so different and what to expect for the February Retreat

Retrain Back Pain® empowers you to become your own back rehab boss by teaching you the cognitive and self-care skills you need to be able to confidently prevent, relieve and manage your low back pain with ease

The Benefits of Retraining


Rebuild strength

You want a dynamically stable spine but aren't sure which exercises are safe and effective, I can help.


Rebuild confidence

You want to move freely and I know how to help


Relieve pain

You want holistic tips with no side effects


Restore posture

You’re ready to improve your postural habits for better mechanics


Recalibrate breathing

ReBreathing leads to better sleep, more energy and assists with spinal stabilization


Relieve Stress

Stress reduction reduces tension and pain


Repair Neuromotor Control

Discover "disturbed neuromotor pathways" and restore healthy movement


Rebalance Inflammation

Heal your immune system and balance inflammation with the Phytolistic Healing and Nutrition Plan

“Once we understand that pain is not an indication of brokenness, that it's a complex process involving perception, emotion, memory, movement, posture, breathing and nutrition, we have the power to change our relationship to it. Then the real healing begins.”

– Dinneen Viggiano –

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