Kishore Pasumarty

Investor & Professor

I have known Dinneen for over two years, and meet her every week for classes, and have attended a workshop. She is a star instructor and a superb human being. I have had many instructors, all of them good, but Dinneen is my favorite!

My first meeting with her was amazing. A few weeks before our first meeting, there was a major flare-up of my compressed disk (lower back). As prescribed by the physician, I was strengthening my core, but there was a nagging pain in my lower right back hip, in addition to the pain in my lower back. The pain in my lower right back hip disappeared after the first class! (The pain in my lower back remained on that day, but has decreased significantly over time). I have met many others who sing Dineen’s praises. Interestingly, This includes another person who chronic back pain disappeared after attending one of Dinneen’s classes (he had been to doctor and physical therapists repeatedly before meeting Dinneen).

Dinneen has taught me how to treat my lower back pain through exercise. In addition, she has taught me how to live my life every day, to be cognizant of my weak back. This includes the right way to get out of bed. The right way to sit (or not to sit) at the desk for long periods. The right way to sleep. Ways to incorporate simple exercises in daily life. She explains how the body works and how the different parts interact. Understanding the whys and hows makes it easier to be motivated. And so much more!

Dinneen has a wealth of knowledge on treating back pain. What makes her stand out is her gift of teaching. She can translate her extensive knowledge to tasks that are easy to follow. She makes the class fun and interesting. And, what makes her truly special is her personality. Dinneen is a pleasure to interact with. She will go out of her way to help people. She has a big giving heart.

I have taken classes for yoga, pilates, stretch, etc with many different instructors, all of them good, but Dinneen is super talented! I have interacted with her extensively in class and outside class. I like her as a teacher and as a person. She has my highest recommendation.