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The Roll Model® Therapy Balls

The Roll Model® Therapy Balls provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy. Shown here: The Roll Model Starter Kit, which includes all the balls: The air-filled Coregeous ball, the big Alpha, a toted pair of medium-sized Plus balls and a toted pair of the smaller, Classic balls, all contained in a black mesh tote.

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The Breath Belt

Wear your therapy balls! The Breath Belt is a lumbar/sacroiliac stabilization belt WITH POCKETS for your therapy balls.

You can wear the belt with or without therapy balls.

Wear your BB without balls when you want extra support, like when you travel or when you're feeling fatigued but still need to get through the day

Wear the BB with your therapy balls in front to therapize low abs, iliacus and psoas.

Wear them in the back to therapize spinal erectors, thoracolumbar fascia and quadratus lumborum.

The belt is heavy duty, double construction that creates support for rehabilitating back musculature. Wearing the Breath Belt relieves tension, corrects "rib flare", improves diaphragmatic breathing and activates the glutes.

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Mobile Standing Desk

I love this mobile sit/stand desk!

It's a 44" Height Adjustable Foot Pedal Mobile Workstation with a super smooth pneumatic up/down pedal and brake casters. I have attached a power surge plugger on top too.

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ProLon Fast Mimicking Diet

The Fasting Mimicking Diet® gives you all the Benefits of a 5-Day Fast… While Enjoying Food

ProLon® is the first Fasting Mimicking Diet™ (FMD™) developed to provide the beneficial effects of fasting including stem cell-based rejuvenation, optimized metabolic markers, and quick abdominal fat loss. Preclinical and clinical trials have shown significant impact on Metabolic Health and Longevity. The fasting mimicking period is made safe and pleasant because ProLon® contains plant-based soups, bars, crackers, olives, drinks, and supplements in a proprietary 5-day dietary program. It is based on innovative research carried out at two of the world’s leading centers for biomedical and longevity research located at the University of Southern California (USC), the Longevity Institute and the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute.

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