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  • 10 Tips to Retain Back Pain

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The Benefits of Retraining


Rebuilding strength

  • You want a dynamically stable spine
  • but aren't sure which excersices are safe and effective, I can help.

Rebuild confidence

  • You want to move freely
  • and I know how to help

Relieve pain

  • You want holistic tips
  • with no side effects

restore posture

You’re ready to improve your postural habits for better mechanics


recalibrate breathing

  • ReBreathing leads to better sleep, more energy and assists
  • with spinal stabilization

Relieve Stress

  • Stress reduction
  • reduces tension and pain

Repair Neuromotor Control

  • Discover "disturbed neuromotor pathways" and restore
  • healthy movement

Rebalance Inflammation

  • Heal your immune system and balance inflammation
  • with Phytologist

“Once we understand that pain is not an indication of brokenness, that it's a complex process involving perception, emotion, memory, movement, posture, breathing and nutrition, we have the power to change our relationship to it. Then the real healing begins.”

– Dinneen Viggiano –

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