• Retrain Back Pain® Rehab & Rebuild Workshop


Focus on the functional anatomy of the upper back, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, head and neck for 3 days of dynamic embodiment.


Mar 6-8 | 2020


Early registration before November 1st. Registration closes January 1st. Space is limited to 12ppl

Focus on the functional anatomy of the shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, head and neck for 3 days of dynamic embodiment.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Fill your tool-kit with experiential anatomy practices and selfcare strategies to heighten your understanding of the upper torso and arms.
  2. Improve strength, mobility and integrated body awareness.
  3. You’ll be guided through a variety of hands-on adjustments, assessments, injury scenarios and meditation.
  4. Gain insight on incorporating novel shoulder movements into your classroom (or personal practice) while improving your teaching performance.

Each day begins with a performance-focused workshop that incorporates self-massage techniques using a variety of Roll Model® Therapy Balls followed by a movement-based session loaded with out-of-the box moves. Master the multiple simple and complex articulations of the upper body to improve posture and performance while reducing pain.

This Shoulders Immersion Training course is appropriate for students and movement educators who wish to deepen their knowledge and somatic understanding of the human body.

Note: This training is capped at exactly 15 registrants. We need 15 people to run the training AND we only have room for 15 people.

So register early and bring your friends!

US students are encouraged to fly over to meet your #YTUEurope colleagues!

No homework ;) Heaps of fun.

Please visit the Facebook European Yoga Tune Up Fans page for accommodation and travel planning

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Location: Seedpod Yoga, 1 Dufferin Avenu, Dublin 8

Contact helen Maria Keenan to register: helenmariakeenan@yahoo.com