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Retrain Back Pain Series

New York City

Dates TBD. October for sure but most likely 13-20 or 20-27

Retrain Back Pain® is a movement-based re-education training for experienced professionals who see the growing need to integrate safe, effective back care practices in to classes, specialized workshops and individualized private client practices.

After completing this intensive training, you will improve your knowledge and experience with:

  • The physiology of pain processing
  • The basics of neuromotor control
  • Lumbo-pelvic anatomy
  • Spinal pathologies and current treatments
  • Breath mechanics for back pain relief
  • The Roll Model® Method therapeutic self-massage
  • Graded exposure rehabilitative exercises
  • Regressions and progressions
  • The Retrain Back Pain® “Empower Every Body” Coaching Model
    • Client self-assessment
    • Postural concepts
    • Stress relief practices
    • Home Practice Assignments and Accountability
    • Nutrition and lifestyle strategies for inflammation management
    • Exercise/Yoga/YTU Do’s and Don’ts

This 40 hour teacher training will include daily movement practice, video, lecture, practice teaching, homework and a final test. Space is limited.

Note: This is not a yoga teacher training. It’s a comprehensive, holistic presentation of pain-relief practices which can be individualized according to the unique needs of your clients.


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Retrain Back Pain

Learn more about the upcoming the RBP Pro Certification coming up in October. Offering experienced movement professionals a sneak peak into the comprehensive holistic pain-relief practices I've put together for you to meet your clients needs.