• Retrain Back Pain® Rehab & Rebuild Workshop


February 1 | Philadelphia

This three hour workshop features Retrain Back Pain® Rehab rehabilitative practices including practical postural tips, Re-Breathing, therapeutic self-massage techniques and super-basic get-out-of-pain tips to improve how you move and to empower you to manage flare-ups. In this three-hour immersion we will also touch on Level 2 Rebuilding practices including dynamic supported spinal rotation strategies and strengthening.

Retrain Back Pain® is an exciting movement-based re-education system designed to empower you to integrate holistic, multi-disciplinary back care practices in to your daily life or professional practice. It includes:

  • RBP EXERCISES - Retrain and rehabilitate brain-body connections
  • RBP ADAPTATIONS - Adapt your yoga, pilates, strength and movement practices for long-term sustainability
  • RBP RE-BREATHING - Re-learn breathing to reduce pain
  • THERAPEUTIC SELF-MASSAGE - Tune down pain with therapy balls
  • INFLAMMATION - Learn which foods tame inflammation
  • COGNITIVE REFRAMING - Reframe your brain, reduce your pain
  • PRACTICAL POSTURE - Improve how you move all day, every day