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If you are a fitness industry professional who is ready for movement-based re-education training to improve your protocols for low back pain clients, WELCOME!

If you already recognize the growing need to integrate safe, effective back care practices in to group classes, specialized workshops and individualized private client practices, but you're frustrated that your particular educational background didn't cover this important information, then you're in the right place!

A quarter of the population lives with back pain.

That means a full twenty-five percent of your clients are coming to you, expecting you to know what's going on with their back, they trust you will not hurt them and they expect that you've are trained to know how to help them feel better.

The Retrain Back Pain® Professional Certification will teach you to work safely, confidently and effectively with this important demographic.

  • "Understanding pain physiology changes the way people think about pain, reduces its threat value and improves their management of it.”
  • David Butler and Lorimer Moseley, Explain Pain