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You are a fitness industry professional, ready for movement-based re-education training to improve your protocols for low back pain clients. You recognize the growing need to integrate safe, effective back care practices in to group classes, specialized workshops and individualized private client practices.

A quarter of the population lives with back pain. That means a quarter of your clients are coming to you to feel better. We do what we do to help people feel better. They trust us. The RBP Teacher Training Certification teaches you to work safely, confidently and effectively with this important demographic.

  • "Understanding pain physiology changes the way people think about pain, reduces its threat value and improves their management of it.”
  • David Butler and Lorimer Moseley, Explain Pain

Retrain Back Pain®: Teacher Training Certification Retreat

Module 1: Retrain Everything

Retrain Back Pain® is a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to relieving back pain. This program is a movement-based re-education training for experienced professionals who see the growing need to integrate safe, effective back care practices in to classes, specialized workshops and individualized private client practices.

The Retrain Back Pain® Teacher Training was created from my own driving need to find a better way to think, eat, move and deal with recurring back pain. This program is the confluence of over 20 years of continuing education with a variety of healing modalities and it incorporates best practices from some of the greatest movement mavens from around the world.

After completing this intensive training, you will improve your knowledge and experience with:

  • The physiology of pain processing
  • The basics of neuromotor control
  • Lumbo-pelvic anatomy
  • Spinal pathologies and current treatments
  • Breath mechanics for back pain relief
  • The Roll Model® Method therapeutic self-massage
  • Graded exposure rehabilitative exercises
  • Regressions and progressions
  • The Retrain Back Pain® “Empower Every Body” Coaching Model
  • Client self-assessment
  • Postural concepts
  • Stress relief practices
  • Home Practice Assignments and Accountability
  • Nutrition and lifestyle strategies for inflammation management
  • Exercise/Yoga/YTU Do’s and Don’ts

This 23 hour teacher training will include daily movement practice, video, lecture, practice teaching, homework and a final test. Trainees receive a training syllabus, an RBP training manual, examples of class and workshop formats and Certified Teachers will be featured on the RBP Certified Teachers directory listing. Additional learning modules will be offered online at a later date.

This teacher training is designed for experienced movement professionals who are serious about pursuing next level continuing education that will enable them to work confidently and safely with low back pain populations, currently estimated at 31 million Americans*

Note: This is not a yoga teacher training. It’s a comprehensive, holistic presentation of pain-relief practices which can be individualized according to the unique needs of your clients.

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Retrain Back Pain® Teacher Training Certification Retreat (2017)

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