First, a public service announcement: A “strong core” does not mean “six pack abs”. It could include them but your rectus abdominus is NOT the be-all, end-all indicators for whether you’re core-strong.

💪🏼 Your shoulders integrate to your side and back core

💪🏼 Strong shoulders are integral to having a well-rounded, strong core!

💪🏼 In this photo, I am prepping my shoulders before stepping back in to a forearm plank

💪🏼 In Retrain Back Pain we mindfully integrate shoulder-to-core-to-hips

💪🏼 We train the diagonal, front and back myofascial slings, to create tension and to build strength

🌁We train the struts and suspenders that bridge movement and mobility for your spine.

🏋🏽‍♀️ You may end up with muscles that show might not

👌🏻It’s all okay!

🏋🏽‍♀️ Rippley muscles are not my primary concern for you

🎯 Focus on integrity of movement

🎯 Focus on living pain-free


Photo by @susannefromqns